How To Hide Valuables or Keepsakes in the Bathroom

Sure, storing all valuables throughout your house is a great idea, until your house is broken into. Each year there are millions of break-ins reported around the country, with millions of dollars in losses occurring each year as well. When a burglar comes into a home, they look for cash on the dresser, jewelry in boxes, computers or other expensive technology. Every now and then thieves will look for alcohol, prescription drugs or other things they can sell for "drug money". The goal for homeowners is to make thieves think they will find nothing and move on.

A diversion safe is a great way to store all valuables and keepsakes, even in the bathroom. This type of safe looks like a common household item and should be similar in size and weight. Thus, when a thief picks it up there is nothing unusual suspected.

While hidden safes can cost thousands, diversion safes are inexpensive. When used in the bathroom, you can easily hide anything with a diversion safe which looks like a cleaning product or shaving cream can. Toothpaste tubes, shaving cream cans or common cleaners make great ways to hide small valuables. If you hide things in "plain sight" with diversion safes, thieves will leave empty handed!