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Door Stop Security Alarm

$13.95 $14.55

Easy Installation and Portable to Any Door or Entry

Door Stop Security Alarm Features:

  • 120dB alarms when your door is opened unexpectedly. Loud enough to scare most intruders.
  • Great, inexpensive solution for office doors, hotel room entrances or your home.
  • Pressure sensitive and works as a door stop.
  • Needs one 9 volt battery (sold separately).
  • Easy to install - just put behind any standard door or house entrance.

    Door Stop Alarm Product Description:

    Be notified with a ear piercing alarm when a door is opened with this door stop alarm in place. Place this small wedge behind any door. When the door is opened, this alarm sets off a loud 120dB siren. Perfect for the office, hotel rooms, or home. Requires one 9 volt battery.


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