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Magnetic Door & Window Alarm

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Home Security Products Features:

  • Sounds a loud alarm when any cabinet, door, or window is opened or disturbed
  • Ideal for home, dorm or office use
  • Great for hard to protect sliding glass doors
  • Battery operated (3 lithium batteries included)
  • Simple to use, no tools or professional installation required
  • Easily installed on any window, door or cabinet (great for child safety too!)
  • Inexpensive, effective home security

Home Security Products Description:

Stock# SLAW2200W :

The Magnetic Door/Window Alarm is a wireless device that can be used to alert you to the opening of any cabinet, door or window.åÊ Perfect for homes with small children, the Magnetic Door/Window Alarm helps parents by alerting them to when a child leaves the house or is able to get into a child proof locking device around the home.åÊ When the sensor is engaged (caused by movement in the magnets), a loud 110dB sound will make everyone around take notice.åÊ Whether it was triggered by an intruder or a child leaving the house, this handy security device has many excellent uses.

The Magnetic Door/Window Alarm is battery powered by two lithium batteries, which are included with purchase.åÊ It is not only ideal for residential use on your front door, sliding glass door, or any cabinet or window, but it is also great for use at the office, college dorm room, or in a hotel room to provide that extra level of personal safety while you are traveling.

The easy installation of the Magnetic Door/Window Alarm makes it perfect for those ‰ÛÏdo it yourself‰۝ (DIY) types with a few tools.åÊ The base of the alarm is usually bolted to the door or window frame, and the magnetic piece attaches to the door or window itself.åÊ Many other burglar alarms and alarm systems require professional installation, at a far greater cost.åÊ The Magnetic Door/Window Alarm is one of the more affordable products you will find to protect any entrance of your home.åÊ Don‰۪t compromise your family‰۪s security!

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