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Compact Self Defense Baton

Compact Self Defense Batons

Kubatons are common names for compact self defense batons. These batons don't expand in length like other expandable batons and their use is different overall. Expandable batons are meant to be used at a distance. However, compact self defense batons are meant to be used on close attacks. Being 5 inches long a 1/2 inch, they easy fit in any hand. This weapon can attach to your keychain, making it available at a moment's notice for self defense.

When a criminal is so close nothing you could be using at a distance would be effective, a compact baton is ideal. If pepper spray or an expandable baton is useless, a Kubaton can help you break wrists, fingers or even gauge out eyes and ears. You can use it to effectively get the attacker off of you and focused onto their own pain. Many times a key can also be used in this manner, but will do less damage and require more force than a Kubaton would require.

Some defense instructors can tell you swinging keys in the face of an attacker is effective, so you may want to include a Kubaton on your key ring.  Using a set of old keys is a great idea, since your attacker won’t have access to you if you drop them.

If you need something less visual than you normally use (like a stun gun or pepper spray), a Kubaton is an ideal self defense tool to carry for personal protection.