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Disguised Pepper Spray

No Need to be James Bond with Disguised Pepper Spray

Carrying the safety of pepper spray neatly packaged into a seemingly everyday item is the perfect means of having a powerful personal safety device on hand, but at the same time not advertising the fact to anyone around. The actual pepper spray container is disguised either as a pager or as a pen, making this an astonishingly simply means of carrying the non lethal spray close at hand at all times.

Highly recommended for anyone who might have fallen victim to assault before and simply needs that little bit of extra confidence that comes from knowing that personal safety and protection are just a spray away, the pepper spray disguised as pager or pen is a non threatening object that anyone could be carrying around. In spite of its apparently diminutive size, these pepper spray containers pack a significant punch.

Nobody needs to be embarrassed anymore at carrying a keychain pepper spray container. This is especially true if coworkers, friends, or even family members are afraid of the spray or do not condone seeing it in their immediate surroundings. In the case of a real emergency, they are sure to appreciate seeing a pen or pager turn into a weapon of personal protection in the blink of an eye, incapacitating an attacker for 10 minutes or longer.

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