Fake Surveillance Camera Offers Real Protection

Would you keep a watchful eye on the security monitor of a home surveillance system? Are you concerned if this was a possum in the bushes or maybe just the neighbor's cat? Most consumers do not have the time or the inclination to take personal security to such a level. Instead, they are leaving this to the professionals by paying for a monitored alarm system.

If course, with fake surveillance camera setups all around the home, nobody would know if the consumer – or a paid third party -- is following every movement or if there is nothing behind it. In particular small businesses find that they cannot afford the expense of manning a monitored security system, but with a fake surveillance camera, they can have some very real security for pennies.

Made to look supremely realistic, these dummy surveillance devices have very realistic looking wires disappearing into the walls. Even as there is nothing attached to these wires, would-be burglars do not know that this particular security camera is a fake. Moreover, fake surveillance cameras look just like the kind used by standard monitoring services, making a business using these inexpensive protection tools rather unattractive to crooks.

There is no telling how many crimes are prevented with fake surveillance cameras simply by virtue of their presence. The odds are good that plenty of would-be victims of break-ins or vandalism are spared because the crooks get one good look at the fake surveillance camera and decide to move on to a more appealing looking target.