Pepper Spray Holsters Provide Carrying Cases for Two and Four Ounce Containers

Do you know how to carry your pepper spray once you bring it home? Sure, you could go ahead and simply drop it into your purse or bag, but will you remember to bring it with you the next time you leave the home? The odds are good that if you do not invest some time and effort in thinking ahead of time how to carry the pepper spray and keep it on your person within easy reach, it most likely will end up in a drawer doing you no good.

Holsters are perfect solutions for those who do not carry a purse or find themselves engaged in activities that do not lend themselves to carrying bags, purses or backpacks. Especially private security firms know that having hands free at all times are crucial to successfully providing security functions when needed. A belt holster is also favored by police officers who carry it as standard equipment in their arsenal.

Prior to purchasing a pepper spray holster or clip, consider carefully when you will most likely be carrying the spray with you. Think through the accessories you may also need at that time. If you simply need the spray when you walk the dog at night, a simple keychain release might do the trick.

If you are anticipating carrying it with you all day while working with your hands, the belt holster is the best means of keeping the self defense spray within easy reach. Should you decide to give the gift of safety to someone else, do not just invest in the canister of pepper spray; instead, also purchase a holster that will make the gift practical and ready for carrying right out of the bag.