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Door and Window Safety

Enjoying Door and Window Safety

Would-be home intruders look for weak points in a home. The most common areas of entry are unsecured doors and windows. A home with locked windows and doors is instantly unattractive to a thief or burglar, but for the more determined criminal extra measures may need to be taken. Heavy window screens were thought to discourage home intruders, and while those without tools might think twice about trying to undo these devices, a burglar equipped with a simple set of metal shears can cut through even the most heavy duty screens quite easily.

Iron bars placed in front of the windows are a common site in the inner city and it is a sad state of affairs that has the good guys living behind bars while the bad guys are prowling the streets. Other residents have taken to installing simple alarm devices to their windows and also doors. When the item is opened, an alarm sounds. The loud noise not only wakes up the homeowner, but it also takes away the element of surprise and anonymity from the intruder.

More often than not it is the loud alarm bell that scares away a would-be thief. Homeowners are sometimes hesitant to actually include this kind of home security simply because in years passed these devices were expensive, cumbersome, difficult to install, and even more difficult to power. Today, with the advent of lightweight and portable door and window security devices, installation is a snap and anyone can avail themselves of first rate home security at cut rate prices.