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Soda Can Diversion Safes

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Features and Benefits of Soda Can Diversion Safes:

  • They are very effective as a deterrent.
  • They are inexpensive. 
  • They look exactly like the real thing, even weighing the same as the real product. 
  • They are better than a small home safe because they are not obvious. 
  • They are proven to be rarely discovered because they are the last thing a thief would assume as a safe. 
  • They are ideal for keeping items of value like extra cash in "plain sight" and offer a place you can access easily without others noticing. 

Description Of Soda Can Diversion Safes:
While these cans of soda won't quench your thirst, they will do an excellent job of outsmarting even the smartest thief!

Perfect for confusing a burglar, diversion safe soda cans are great for all homes. Since a thief is only in the home five to eight minutes (looking in obvious places during this time) they will not be able to access your valuable possessions. Instead, they will head toward dresser drawers, closets, cookie jars and other places people hide items. These safes are inexpensive and very effective.

Sometimes when people use small home safes, a burglar will take the entire safe with them upon leaving and then crack it when they have plenty of time to work on the item. After all, they want to get away unnoticed.

In addition to deterring thieves, a soda can diversion safe can give you an area in which to store valuables you need easy access to. You can store extra cash in it or keep extra keys handy "in plain sight".


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