The Practicality of Pepper Spray Key Chains

Pepper spray key chains are the most convenient ways of carrying this powerful self protection device on your person. Virtually anyone carries their keys with them at all times, and having these keys attached to the personal protection spray eliminates the possibility of forgetting to take it along.

It is a well known fact that self protection is dependent on a thought out plan that is based on an understanding of the self defense tools, the ability to use them, and also the confidence that they are easy to use, which comes from practice and a familiarity with the product. Pepper spray is supremely simple to use and perfect for any circumstance.

This makes it the best mode of self defense for college students - both male and female - who are in danger of attacks on and off campus. It is also a perfect self protection tool for anyone walking in a darkened parking lot or garage, leaving work late in the evening, or anyone out jogging or engaging in other solitary pursuits outside the safety of the home.

Even though practice should be employed when using the practically attached pepper spray key chains, it is not required and instead the spray permits for full power use of the device immediately upon demand. Best of all, it is more effective than mace tear gas - which has been deemed not legal for civilian use in the majority of jurisdictions.

Enjoying the practicality of pepper spray key chains allows users to have the most powerful means of personal protection on-hand whenever needed. The small canister easily fits into the purse- together with the keys- and at the same time can find its way into a would-be victim's hands in no time.

Moreover, the very fact that keys are attached to the pepper spray make this a possibility for a secondary weapon, as keys have been known to be used in self defense classes so as to inflict bodily harm on an assailant.