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Pocket & Key Chain Alarms

Pocket-sized & key chain personal alarms are easy to carry and inexpensive to own
A pocket and key chain alarm is one of the best lightweight, affordable security systems you can have either in the house or out on the town. Security devices for your home can be larger, but a small, effective pocket alarm can be carried in your pocket or purse or attached to a key chain to provide a portable safety system in the form of an alarm that sounds a the push of a button.

Modern pocket and key chain alarms are wireless: they run on small, long-lived batteries. As for as personal alarms go, the key chain alarm is especially practical because it's always close to hand. Some thieves or burglars like to surprise people as they are unlocking their cars or front doors: when your hands are full and you're thinking about other things, the criminal has a psychological and physical advantage.

For elderly people who may be preyed upon by especially nasty criminals, devices such as pocket alarms can prove especially valuable: just pull out the alarm and push the button. There are many ways to increase your safety, and simply knowing that you have an alarm can increase your confidence and the way you carry yourself, making it less likely that a criminal will single you out as a potential victim. You may never have to use your personal alarm, but if you do, you'll certainly be glad to have something that can turn a bad guy into fleeing suspect, running down the street as fast as he can—and away from you!