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Pocket Pepper Spray

Pocket Pepper Spray Is Convenient

Although guns are considered primary defense weapons, the makers of the pocket pepper spray beg to differ to the assertion that they are the only game in town. Instead, the pocket pepper spray – so small that it conveniently fits into a regular sized pocket & have a similar effect, albeit non lethal.

Experts agree that when it comes to personal safety it is not the caliber that matters but instead the degree of readiness to reach and use the gadget that makes all the different in a precarious and dangerous situation. This makes the pocket pepper spray the perfect self defense tool for anyone. It carries sufficient power to stop any attacker or vicious animal in their tracks.

It used to be thought that mace gas was a good way of fighting off assailants, but it has become the standard that pepper spray is by far more effective, especially against attackers with intoxicants in their systems. Unlike mace, there is not drug that can mask the effects of pepper spray once it comes in contact with skin, eyes, and mucous membranes.

Pepper spray, such as it is enclosed in the pocket pepper spray container, is made from oleoresin capsicum that is a concentrate of the cayenne pepper. The stinging and burning are inescapable and render the attacker incapable of continuing their pursuit, allowing the would-be victim to escape. Overall, a burst of pepper spray results in running eyes and nose, choking, and a physical pain similar to biting in an extremely hot pepper unawares.