Protect Yourself with the Kinds of Batons Law Enforcement Uses

Police duty grade batons come in a variety of sizes. Some are telescopic batons that expand to the length needed, whereas others remain fixed at the size they are manufactured to be. Law enforcement has relied on the heavy duty materials from which these batons are fashioned for many years already, and private security firms have followed suit. Now civilians also have the option of protecting themselves with the kinds of batons that law enforcement uses.

The quality of these police duty grade batons can mean the difference between life and death, escaping injury during an assault or falling victim to an attacker. Expandable batons in particular offer a solid grip handle that is made to provide for the best possible grip in even the most adverse situations. Without the fear of suddenly losing your grip on the police duty grade batons, you can keep a potential attacker at arm's length while still having the possibility of delivering strategically placed blows to counteract any kind of attack.

Consumers vary in their preferences when it comes to carrying police duty grade batons. Some opt to carry them concealed under a shirt or jacket, while others believe these self protection tools to be wonderful deterrent simply by their presence; they favor the many holster options specifically designed for expandable and rigid batons. As long as you have unfettered access to the self defense tool when the need arises, there really is no wrong way to take advantage of the security it offers.