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Police Grade Pepper Spray

Protect Yourself and Your Family with Police Grade Pepper Spray

There is a common misconception that only law enforcement officers are permitted to carry police grade pepper spray. It goes without saying that the training and of course the weaponry issued in the course of police personnel's duty make it easier for them to apprehend criminals and successfully rid the streets of them.

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of would-be assailants on the loose, and although the police has protection, the everyday resident does not. With the use of police grade pepper spray, now every resident has the same kind of non lethal defense tool that can make the difference between becoming a victim statistic and taking matters in hand and alerting law enforcement to the presence of a would-be attacker.

Police grade pepper spray is formulated from 10% concentrated oleoresin capsicum that is effective not only on humans but also on bears, making this the perfect device for hikers and campers. This pepper spray is so strong that it stops an attacker in his tracks and reduces him to a writhing mess on the ground, coughing, choking, rubbing his eyes, and overall enduring the pain of the pepper spray's heat.

Check with your municipality to ensure that police grade pepper spray is indeed legal to carry concealed by civilians where you live. Conversely, if you are in the body guard business or are a bounty hunter, you may find that police grade pepper spray is really your only option. In such cases there may be a licensing process you can follow to get the self defense tools you need to do your job and stay safe.

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