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130 db Personal Alarm with Flashlight

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Personal Alarm Features:

  • Ultra loud shriek that demands attention.
  • Bright flashlight to help you identify attackers.
  • Compact, lightweight and fits in a pocket.
  • Convenient pull cord for quick activation.
  • The alarm will continue until you purposely shut it off..
  • Legal for all ages and all states


Personal Alarm Product Description: Stock#: PL-6

Modern life calls for a progressive means of self defense and individual safety measures. It is a commonly reported fact that crime is on the rise throughout the United States, and much of that crime is violent in nature. People are forced to take their personal protection into their own hands, and many choose to do just that by carrying a personal alarm.

When a criminal threatens you, it is essential to stop them before they can assault you and do harm to your body. Alarms are used to ward off an attack from an assailant who has chosen you as their next victim. At the first sign of a threat, you simply pull the cord to ignite the electronic alarm system. Once the cord has been pulled, these units will emit a high decibel noise that will immediately halt your attacker. While the alarm is blaring, it will also flash a bright red LED light, producing a strobe light effect on the predator. LED lights are remarkably bright, and they absolutely demand the kind of attention a law breaker wants to avoid. It will be the criminal's turn to panic as they realize that the focus of every person in the vicinity is now firmly on them.

Personal alarms are an ideal security device for people of all ages. They are mini sized, so they can be easily carried by children, students and elderly people. Every alarm is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse, and they can even be attached to a keychain so you know it is close by at all times. People often carry them when they go out jogging or to participate in any sport in which they will be outdoors early in the morning or late at night. An alarm will give you the feeling of security you desire, and can be used to keep you safe while you are at home or out on the town.

Take a stand against crime and don't let yourself be victimized. Order a Personal Alarm today to give yourself the protection you need in a dangerous world.

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