An Inside Look at Cheap (well, actually inexpensive) Stun Guns

Personal protection does not have to break the bank; instead, there are quite a lot of cheap stun guns on the market that work just as well as the more expensive models. Cheap stun guns, just like expensive models, hold and transfer a charge from the device to a would-be assailant. In some cases the price difference comes down to additional accessories which are sold in conjunction with the stun gun as a package deal.

The primary difference between cheap stun guns and more expensive models is usually the ease of operation, the size of the self protection tool, and also the materials used. More expensive models tend to be smaller, more lightweight, and easier to use, while cheap stun guns may look a bit clunky, are heavier, and in some cases are not as well made as their high end counterparts. In some cases the cheap stun guns also carry lower voltages than the more expensive models.

Of course, when it comes to personal safety, price really should not be a deterrent; however, if an expensive stun gun might make you walk on and hope for the best, buying a cheap model for les than $40 that packs a 65,000 to 100,000 volt punch is a better bet. By the way, just as there are cheap stun guns, there are also cheap stun batons that allow for self protection that is a little less close up and personal.