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How to Avoid an Attack - 4 Self Defense Tactics that Could Deter an Attacker


The best self-defense tactic of course is avoiding an altercation altogether. Since a mugger or attacker is most likely looking for an easy opportunity, the more difficult he thinks you ’ll be the more likely he will be never approach you in the first place. Having a plan or at least a good idea before you are placed in a compromising position can make all the difference between you and your attacker getting the upper hand.

If just straight up attitude is not enough to dissuade a situation you may feel uneasy or afraid. When faced with fear, you must still appear to be in charge. Even if you don’t feel like you’re in control, what matters most will be your actions. Most importantly, it is important to control your emotions. It is critical to show your opponent that you intend on defending yourself. Be alert and ready to respond to any situation.




Techniques for Avoiding an Attack

Here are a few techniques that many law enforcement agencies practice. These are some simple strategies that could send the right signal to your opponent.

#1. Body Language
Pay close attention to facial expressions, gestures and posture. Observation of these elements will help you anticipate someone’s intent. Remember, your own body language will send the signals to the others.

Outward confidence is often the best deterrence and projects a potential fight-back attitude. This is the easiest way to avoid an attack altogether. An attacker will second guess his attempt to injure you. Protect yourself, don’t antagonize others and pay close attention to individuals around you.

#2. Move in the Direction of People
Assuming you are not in a totally remote area, get to where you think or know people are. If you freeze up and remain where you think someone is about to mug you or worse, you only make it easier for that to happen. It is more than likely if someone is singling you out you are not in a crowded enough place to make the person be concerned about discovery. Change that.

#3. Scream or Yell to Draw Attention
We can’t say this often enough, nor can we underscore the importance of this fact: assailants do NOT like attention drawn to them! Making loud noises like screaming and yelling will increase your chances of surviving or " an attack unharmed.

Also, phrases such as “Help, let me go, Get off me!” or ‘What do you think you’re doing?!?” can startle your attacker and often cause him to move away. Don’t be afraid of using other assertive language to draw attention to yourself. The point is to get him to the point, as fast as possible that he realizes you’re more trouble than you’re worth and that it’s in his best interest to get away from you.

#4. Trust Your Instincts
Finally, trust your instincts. They are usually correct when it comes to predicting potentially violent situations. Be confident and know you don’t have to become a victim. If you give the impression of being a victim you make it easier for the attacker.