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Personal Protection While Hiking and Camping

Going outdoors to keep in shape or just for the enjoyment of it or both? Hiking and Camping can be really fun, but remember your personal protection is a must. Always keep in mind; unforeseen things can happen and pre-planned safety precautions can help guarantee a good time for all.


Safe Hiking and Camping Rules

While most people think about good “rules” of safety to follow- like perhaps having matches, extra water, energy bars and a compass when camping or even going on a long hike, men and women in the outdoors often do not think about carrying any type of personal protection device. They tend to be so focused on the logistics that they don’t take into account the possibility of an assault by an animal or other possible type of predator roaming around.

It’s crucial that you consider carrying some type of self defense device in case you find yourself in a compromising situation. There are a variety of personal protection products to consider.

Easy and Most Effective Self Defense Products

Here are some suggestions the types of personal protection items you might want to consider when outdoors.
A lightweight and easy to carry self defense product is a perfect choice when hiking or camping. Mace and Pepper spray are one of the most common personal protection products being used today. The spray is available in various grades with the highest legal limit being 15% Capsicum. It’s the strongest and most powerful police grade pepper spray the law will permit you to carry.

Pepper spray for joggers is another personal protection device to consider. It’s more common than you might think for people to come in contact with animals while enjoying the outdoors. And again, while on the move, you can often be more focused on everything else but your surroundings. The pepper spray for joggers clips onto your clothing or belt or with an armband and provides easy access if you must defend yourself. Any outdoors person should consider carrying this pepper spray with you.

Stun guns are also an option. They are available in many different sizes, colors and prices. While some sizes are best for campers, hikers may want to consider convenient ones that fit into the palm of your hand. Many of these stun gun devices are disguised to look like a cell phone or pager and run solely on batteries. Many are available as a kit accompanied by holster, pepper spray and batteries. Which ever you choose, the stun gun is a convenient, affordable device that can immobilize your attacker giving you time to get help.

One of the newest and most popular personal protection devices is the Taser C2. It is lightweight, easy to carry and very easy to use. It’s about the size of a TV remote control and available in a range of colors. The Taser C2 shoots barbs that pierce the skin and deliver an incapacitating jolt of electricity. The Taser C2 is less powerful than the version law enforcement use, but it still will immobilize an attacker.

Hikers face security issues at night and may want to consider some products developed specifically with them in mind. One handy item is a personal alarm. This convenient device can be carried or clipped to your clothing. If you feel threatened you depress a button and sound the alarm. Criminals will be caught off guard by the screeching warning and will tend to run. Very handy and convenient and any hiker or camper can utilize it.
Remember- prevention is the solution. Always be informed, prepared with a plan and do what you can to protect yourself from harm.