It is a fact that sometimes, even with all the right attitude and avoidance techniques at your disposal, it may simply not be enough. The attacker may decide he or she wants to take th risk and take you on, or you may be too far away from other people to intimidate even if you start screaming or yelling. Like it was suggested in the last segment of this series to have a plan in mind or at least a solid idea (as many plans can go out the window in the heat of the moment) as to what to do next. Your default body-based responses will always kick in before you have time to think, so build in the responses that could save your life.


How to Fight

Fight to win. Attitude is key here. When fighting to defend yourself, assume that you will succeed in doing what is necessary to prevent them from harming you. Move with the deliberate intention of getting them to stop what they are doing long enough for you to get to safety.

Kick or Stomp

Kicking a man in the groin will give you ample opportunity to incapacitate him. A very good technique some women can use

is to use the shoe heels to stomp on a foot or kick into the shins. Either one of these (or both) are very painful and will stop most attackers, for a few moments, which may be all that you need. You can then run and get seek help.

Poke the Eyes. No matter if they are a man or a woman, utilize your fingers and poke the eyes of your attacker. This will stun them and give you a moment to be able to run away to a secure area and seek assistance.

Use Your Car Keys. Your car keys are sharp, pointed and a great weapon to use. Hold keys between your index finger and your thumb and aim for the face, neck and throat of the assailant. The keys will act like a small knife.

For Women, Utilize Contents of Your Purse. Women carry some of the best self defense equipment right in their purse. Utilize sharp items such as Pens, Pencils, Nail File, and Eye Glasses. Aim for vulnerable places and use these items like a knife. This will shock your attacker, not only because it will hurt him, it will also most likely surprise him as well- giving you time to run.

Self Defense Moves Together

Of course, using several of these suggestions at once can work very well. Screaming, yelling- any form of raising your voice assertively along with the physical techniques, such as jabs, pulls, stomps kicks and strikes targeted at vulnerable parts of the body can make all the difference.

Remember that what you are looking to do is to be effective enough to get away from the situation, no matter what that takes. Freezing up and hoping they’ll just go away is a risky idea.