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Living Without Fear – Personal Safety Advice and Products

Each individual has a right to be safe and to live without fear. Measures taken for personal safety don ’t limit you; rather, they empower you and improve the quality of your life.

Technological innovation has led to the development of a range of sophisticated personal security products that are not only highly effective but also very handy. Using the right security products can help you lead more secure and less stressful life.

  For example, stun guns or stun batons will temporarily paralyze. A good thing about stun devices are that although they use electricity for disabling the attacker, the electricity is not transferred to your body if the attacker touches you. Pepper sprays or pepper guns can be used to temporarily blind an attacker with a spray of fine particles of capsicum. This gives you the vital time you need to escape. Personal alarms will generate extremely loud noises to attract attention.

But please- we urge you- don’t simply count on using a personal-safety device or a can of pepper spray to be the only step you take in protecting yourself.

Following are certain personal safety tips that will help you be more secure at home as well as outside. These really are basic safety precautions which most of us may already be following knowingly or unknowingly.

When at home:

  • Keep all the outside doors bolted and draw all the window curtains after dark. Lock all the entrances before you go to bed but make sure to keep the key handy as you might have to evacuate the house in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure you have a telephone extension in your bedroom so that you can call for help in a contingency, like calling 911 in case of an emergency.

While outside:

  • If someone is following you when you are walking alone, try to go to an area where there are a lot of people. If he or she persists, call the police immediately.
  • If you regularly take walks or jog, keep to open and busy areas and change your route frequently. While jogging avoid using stereos with headphones at loud volumes as they can prevent you from being alert to unusual sounds.
  • Don’t give or accept lifts from strangers.
  • When you take a taxi, always make sure it is a licensed one. This can be verified by the license plate of the taxi and the driver’ badge.
  • While driving at night, park only in well-lit areas, with plenty of people

Women need to be particularly cautious: You must use bags, which let you keep your hands free. If someone tries to snatch the bag, let go of it because if you fight the mugger you might get hurt. When you are wearing expensive jewelry while traveling, hide it under your clothes. Men can also do their bit to make women feel more comfortable in public places: Don’t walk directly behind a woman, when on the road as she might get the impression that you are following her. Avoid sitting too close to a woman in a bus or a train. Whenever possible, give lifts to your female friends especially after-dark and on unsafe routes.

That said, if the worst does happen, you must be prepared for it. We have every right to protect ourselves. Scores of personal safety products available in the market, help us plan for contingencies. Carrying a device like a stun gun, pepper spray or a personal alarm with you while going outside can make all the difference. In the event of being attacked, properly used, these devices WILL help you stop an attacker.