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Self Defense & Safety Tips

Self Defense Techniques

Unfortunately, even if you do everything you can to deter criminals, there is never a 100% guarantee that you will be able to avoid getting into a situation where you will need to defend yourself. Most predators rely on people being easy targets who look like they will not be able to defend themselves and be too afraid to fight back, so it is helpful to know some basic self defense techniques.

While this may sound simple, it is something many people do not take the time to learn. Yet, when you are threatened with violence, you should be prepared to defend yourself! By knowing you are capable and willing to fight back, and making sure any weapon you may carry is easily accessible, you can greatly increase your chances of walking away.

Taking a martial arts class is a great way to learn to basic personal protection. These classes will teach you techniques to use against an assailant and keep you safe. Most times, an attacker will back off as soon as they realize you are willing and able to retaliate.

In addition, learning how to properly use a non lethal weapon, such as a Taser Gun, stun baton or pepper spray can be very helpful . These devices can be used to temporarily disable any criminal and allow you to escape a potentially dangerous situation unharmed.

Here are some self defense techniques and information:


Safety Tips

Crime is on the rise all across America, so it is important to know how to remain safe from dangerous predators. The best self-defense tip available is simply to do everything you can to avoid being a victim and be ready to strike back if you should have to.

in general, it is good to remember that most criminals will look for easy targets they can surprise and overpower, so don't ever give a predator a reason to choose you. Whenever you are out, pay close attention to your surroundings. Be aware of the people near you, walk deliberately whether by yourself or with others, and hold your head up to show you are confident and secure. You may also want to make brief eye contact with people you pass so they know you have seen them.

Follow these tips, and be ready to fight back if you are attacked. In addition to the tips we provide, we recommend carrying a non lethal self defense weapon- one of the most effective means of personal protection you can have on hand.

Here are some more safety tips:

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    Summer is the season when most people like to take some time off work to get out and enjoy a vacation. When you are preparing for a trip, it is equally as important to prepare for potential summer safety hazards.

  • Summer Travel Safety - Part 2
    As you leave home for your vacation, relax and enjoy yourself, but don't forget as you enjoy the summer season to remember this safety message: be prepared at all times and take every step necessary to avoid being a victim of crime.

  • Violence Prevention: Preventing Violence
    While it may be impossible to put a stop to this type of crime, there are steps every citizen can take to try and avoid being a victim of violent behavior.

  • Violence Prevention: Mugging
    Muggers are looking for a quick buck and an easy target. Be aware of the possibility of muggers in any public venue.

  • Personal Security at Your College or University - Part1
    You can become a victim of crime anywhere, even on school grounds. It is up to you to do what you can to stay safe and protect yourself.

  • Personal Security at Your College or University - Part 2
    There are many types of criminal acts college students might be subject to. You may want to look into some sort of a weapon to protect yourself in case of an attack.

Personal Protection Tips

Every time you go out, your personal safety is ultimately your responsibility. Relying on law enforcement to protect you is a bad strategy because most violent crime happens within seconds or minutes. Even the best-trained and most responsive police departments can’t send officers fast enough to prevent it. So always take a few steps for your own self defense and safety.

A few general prevention tips are:

  • When you drive, keep your doors locked at all times.
  • When parking in a pubic place, make sure to park in an area that will be well lit if you won't be returning until it is dark.
  • When getting into your car, get in quickly. Don't linger and give a criminal an opportunity to choose you as their victim.
  • Never make it obvious that you have money or other valuables while in a public place. Showing you have something of worth is like an open invitation to a law breaker.

We advise you take your personal security seriously. Pepper sprays, stun batons and Taser guns are powerful, but non lethal self defense products we offer but we also know that they work better with even a basic knowledge of personal protection. 

Here is some more personal protection information: