Stun Guns & Batons

One of the most powerful, take charge self defense weapons you can legally & purchase carry in most states is the stun gun or stun baton. The stun gun is a device that uses batteries to generate a high voltage shock that can be used against an attacker to deter him and render him temporarily disabled.


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Stun Batons Inexpensive Stun Guns Stun Accessories & Holsters
Stun Batons Inexpensive Stun Guns Stun Accessories & Holsters


Expandable Batons

An Expandable Telescopic Baton is a powerful and intimidating self-defense weapon. The main reason to carry a baton is twofold; to clearly display it so that predators will see what you have, and, should they be stupid enough to try and attack you, to take them down quickly so you can get away to get help or make an arrest. Remember, criminals look for easy targets, someone they can victimize or overpower with little or no trouble.


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