Summer is the season when most people like to take some time off work to get out and enjoy a vacation. When you are preparing for a trip, it is equally as important to prepare for potential summer safety hazards.


Safety Topics For Summer

In order to better understand summer safety issues, people should consider the following topics:
  • Keeping your house safe while away.
  • Protecting yourself and your property when on vacation.

Statistics show that criminals look for easy opportunities such as the empty homes of people who are on vacation. Before leaving on any trip, take every possible safety precaution to avoid being a victim.

Summer Safety Tips Around Your Home

Whether you will be away from your home for just a few days, or for a couple of weeks, one of the best tips available is to make sure you do not leave any clear indications that you are gone. If you subscribe to newspaper, you should have your delivery stopped while they are out of town so the papers do not stack up on the front porch. This is an obvious sign that nobody is home to bring the paper inside. Temporarily stop your mail service as well, and make sure you are not going to receive any packages while you are gone.

Any windows or locks on the house that are broken should be fixed before you leave. Never give a criminal an easy and obvious way into your home. You may want to invest in a window alarm, or a home security sensor to deter criminals from breaking in. When an alarm sounds, criminals will flee to avoid being seen or caught by the police.

Use timers on the lights inside your home so that they turn on each night and give the appearance of someone being at home. These are best for common areas such as the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. You may also want to turn the ringer for your phone off. If a criminal sees lights on but suspects there is nobody home, they might listen for signs such as a phone that is never answered.

Another idea for vacationers is to store valuables in a diversion safe. You can purchase safes that look like soda cans or bathroom products such as shaving cream containers. That way if someone does break in, they will not find your most precious items.

Have a Talk With Your Neighbors

Let your trusted friends and neighbors know when you are leaving, and for how long. Talk to them about helping with your summer plans by watching over your house while you are away. Let them have a key so they can go inside now and then to check on things. Leave them a number to reach you with, and take your number along so you can call them if you need to.

Pay a neighbor kid or hire a trusted service to mow your lawn while you are away so that it does not appear to be neglected. It's also a good idea to trim the hedges and bushes before you leave. These types of activities will help make sure criminals do not suspect you are away from your home.

Do everything you can to promote summer time safety for your property and belongings before you leave for vacation. Follow these tips and you will be ready to head out for a great trip!