As you leave home for your vacation, relax and enjoy yourself, but don't forget as you enjoy the summer season to remember this safety message: be prepared at all times and take every step necessary to avoid being a victim of crime.


Safety Tips

It's important to know how to protect yourself and your belongings while enjoying your vacation. Review the following safety topics for summer vacationing and do everything you can to keep yourself and your family safe.

Summer Safety Hazards

Perhaps tone of the most common automobile safety issue people face in the Summer is having their car break down on the side of the road. The best thing to do is

call for a tow truck and wait. It's possible that someone will stop and offer assistance or a ride, but there is no way to know if that person is actually doing a good deed, or a criminal taking advantage of a bad situation. Unless you have good reason to trust them, stay in your car with the doors locked and windows rolled up, thank them for the offer to help, but let them know you have help on the way.

Wherever you go while on vacation, never carry a lot of extra cash on you at any time. It is advisable to purchase traveler's checks and use them as money. Never pull out your wallet in public to draw attention to your money. That is like sending an open invitation to pick pockets and muggers. Write down the numbers of your traveler's checks as well as the numbers for your credit cards, and include the phone numbers for the companies that issued them. Keep this information somewhere other than your wallet so that if they are stolen, you can immediately call to report them missing.

Travelers must also consider safety while at a resort. When you arrive, take everything from your vehicle into your room. Never leave anything of value inside your car. Criminals may break into your vehicle, especially if they see something inside automobile. Arrange your belongings in the room in such a way that you will know immediately if anything is missing. Keep your luggage locked when you are not in the room, and ask to place anything of extreme value in a safe.

Outdoor Safety

When you set out to explore the area you are vacationing in, you may want to bring along some items for your personal protection. As long as they are legal where you are visiting, carry a can of pepper spray or mace, or even a stun gun or taser. These self defense items can be used to stop an attacker in a non lethal way. They will give you the opportunity to escape and call for help.

You can also plan for your kids summer safety protection by giving them a personal alarm to carry. The alarm can be used if the child feels they are in danger. When the alarm is activated, it will emit a high pitched noise and flash a bright red LED that will attract the attention of everyone around. Have a safety talk with your family before you explore new areas, and make sure they know how to use any self defense weapons properly.

Statistics show that crime rates rise each summer and that vacationers are quite often targeted by criminals. Utilize these safety tips and have a safe and enjoyable trip!