We can help you stay safe, protect & defend yourself & your loved ones.

We offer a good selection of self defense and security devices that are easily stored or installed in your home, at the workplace, in your car, carried in a purse or pocket and much more. Our products can give you protection against human assailants, burglars, emergency situations, potential crimes, wild bears and animals, vicious dogs and many other unexpected events.

We have a wide range of choices from the most basic, inexpensive personal security pepper spray and hand-held stun gun to entire home security systems. Pepper spray and stun guns are small, lightweight, portable and easily disguised as or in an everyday item. We also offer a variety of burglar alarm equipment for your windows and doors to motion detectors to monitor your driveway activity. We even have diversion safes disguising hiding places for your valuables as everyday items like a candle, flower pot, soda can or home cleaning product. We are always researching new and creative ways to help keep our customers safer (check out our free crime prevention newsletter - sign-up to the bottom left) with the right items and information.

We also carry many everyday safety items every household should have. First aid kits, emergency survival kits, personal alarms and safety lights are great to have on-hand when an emergency or unexpected situation arises. Having these types of safety products at your disposal can save you time, frustration and perhaps injury when disaster strikes.

We have worked hard to provide as much training and information about our safety and protection products to ensure that you know how to use them to your advantage in an emergency or attack crisis. We make a point of only selling non-lethal self defense devices. Why keep a lethal gun in the house with your family and kids for protection, when you could buy a completely non-lethal air taser gun instead. Tasers, stun guns, mace pepper spray and stun batons are all extremely effective ways to disable a potential attacker, giving you and your family time to escape to safety and call the local police or law enforcement for additional help.

Decrease your odds of becoming a victim by letting us help you invest in your personal safety and protection.

The Entire Personal Security Products Online Staff

P.S. You can contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a days by calling the toll free number above or by emailing info@personalsecurityproductsonline.com and one of our staff members will be available to answer any questions you may have.