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"Everyone Needs" Car Safety Bundle


Staying safe in your car can easily be done with just a little pre-planning and some smart, compact, multi-function safety tools.  Give yourself or a family member the gift of safety with this "Everyone Needs" car safety bundle that Wise Owls Safety has hand selected.

8-in-1 Car Safety Smart Tool

  • Plugs into any standard car lighter to power/charge devices whiling charging the portable Smart Tool battery.
  • Use as a portable power device and charge your devices anywhere (will charge most smartphone devices twice).
  • Light any emergency situation or late night stop with the 120 Lumen adjustable neck flashlight.
  • Use to signal an emergency to rescue personnel or other drivers with the red flashing light mode.
  • Escape quickly to safety with the sharp, single swipe seat belt cutter.
  • Magnetic end allows you to attach flashlight function to your car's frame to aim task lighting to get a better look under the hood, inside the trunk or underside of your car.
  • Escape quickly from a window if car is on fire or underwater quickly with the built-in glass break hammer.
  • Store easily in center console or glove compartment - measures only 5" x 1.5"

120dB Personal Alarm

  • Scare away an attacker, car jacker or other crime with the shiek of a 120dB alarm.
  • Easily carried on any set of keys with keychain attachment.
  • Quick single-button operation to turn alarm on and off.
  • Compact 3" by 1" design easily first in a purse or pocket
  • Clip on a belt loop or pocket with the attached metal belt clip.
  • Bright LED light to help you easily unlock doors in dark environments
  • Replaceable batteries included (3 LR44 batteries)

Included FREE Car Stranded Kit

  • Stay dry with an emergency poncho
  • Single for help with the loud, aluminum whistle
  • Alert rescue personnel of your safety situation with 2 4" light sticks
  • Stay warm while you wait for help with the included survival blanket.
  • Keep all your emergency supplies together with the protective travel pouch.



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