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Personal Alarm & Door Security

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Home Security Products Features:

  • Sounds a loud alarm when any door is touched unexpectedly
  • Ideal for home, travel, dorm or office use
  • Battery operated (9V, not included)
  • Simple to use, no tools or professional installation required
  • Completely portable, hangs on any doorknob (non metallic doors only)
  • Compact enough to carry with you as a personal alarm.
  • When using as a personal alarm, simply pull out the pin to activate the alarm.
  • Do it yourself installation.

Home Security Products Description:

Stock# AL-2

The Personal Alarm and Door Alarm (AL-2) is a small yet effective personal protection alarm.åÊ Ideal for use as a burglar alarm at home on your front door, at the office on any entrance, in a dorm room, or in a hotel room for added security while traveling, this small portable device has a sensor that detects any movement or contact with the door.åÊ Upon contact, the alarm will sound a loud 120dB alarm, which will not only alert you and anyone within earshot to possible danger but also startling any intruders.

The average home security system is often expensive and typically requires professional installation at your house.åÊ The Personal Alarm and Door Alarm is ideal for residential use, and anyone can easily handle the ‰ÛÏdo it yourself‰۝ (DIY) easy installation.åÊ The portability makes this item very versatile for nearly any situation.åÊ Not all alarms are this simple and convenient, and certainly not at this affordable price.

The Personal Alarm and Door Alarm also works as an inexpensive self defense personal protection safety item.åÊ This lightweight, wireless, battery powered device fits in the palm of your hand.åÊ Easily pull out the metal chain to sound the alarm in the event that you feel threatened.åÊ Few personal protection products are this inexpensive yet this effective.åÊ Use this alarm any time you are alone.

Owners of the Personal Alarm and Door Alarm have also reported using the device as a training tool for dogs accustomed to pushing open doors or as a means to keep children from leaving the house at night.

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