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Leather Keychain Pepper Spray

Leather Keychain Pepper Spray

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  • Intensely powerful 10% OC Pepper Spray
  • Contains 5 one second blasts
  • 2 million raw SHU rating
  • Complimentary replacement cartridge
  • Convenient keychain attachment
  • Durable leather holster
  • Red, blue and black colors available

Full Product Description:

This defense spray will stop an assault from even the most determined predator. The Pepper Shot Brand spray will get into the eyes, nose and mouth of an assailant and temporarily disable them. All it takes is one blast of this powerful self defense product to put an end to any attack and get you out of harm's way. This spray contains 10% OC, which means it is blazingly hot. When you hit the bad guy with this stuff, it will cause them to have trouble seeing, breathing and even functioning. Each canister comes with 5 crime stopping blasts of spray, and when it runs out, we offer a free replacement cartridge to continue keeping you safe. Just mail us your original invoice, a copy of the police report and $4.95 for shipping costs, and your new cartridge will be sent out immediately.

No matter how powerful any non lethal weapon for your personal protection may be, if you don't have it easily accessible when you are in danger, it won't do any good. This canister of pepper spray comes with a tough leather cover that is both durable and stylish. The holster has a keychain attachment, so you can keep it with your keys and always know exactly where it is. it in your pocket, a purse or right on your key chain to make sure you can get to it the moment the need arises. Hopefully you will never have to defend yourself against an attacker, but if you ever do it is essential that you are able to have it ready for action so you can always stay safe.

State laws prohibit the shipping of this product to NY, MA or MI.

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