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Hard Case Keychain Pepper Spray

Hard Case Keychain Pepper Spray

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  • 10% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum)
  • Powerful 2 million SHU rating
  • 5 one second blasts of spray
  • Free replacement cartridge
  • 8 foot range
  • Connects to any key chain
  • Includes a belt clip attachment
  • Immediate key release
  • Comes in red, black or blue

Full Product Description:

Sometimes you are given no other choice but to defend yourself. An assailant may attack you aggressively, and if you don't have a means of personal protection the results can be catastrophic. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to fight back and stay safe is to carry a can of self defense spray. It only takes one blast of this powerful but non lethal weapon to take down any criminal.

A pepper spray canister with 10% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) is a blindingly hot security device. When you find yourself the victim of an attack from a law breaker, simply hit them with a blast of this powerful spray and they will barely be able to see, breathe or move. You'll be completely forgotten about as the criminal is overwhelmed with a temporary but intense pain. This defense spray has a remarkable 8 foot range, so you can stop an attacker before they ever have the chance to harm you.

It's all about keeping yourself safe. The first step is to carry a weapon that you are comfortable using, and with pepper spray you never have to worry about doing any long term damage to anyone. Next you have to make sure you can get to it at any time. This canister is small enough to carry in any pocket or purse, and it can attach directly to your keychain. It also comes with a belt clip, so you have several ways to keep it right by your side and ready for action. Always remember that an assault will usually be completely unexpected, so you must be ready to provide for your personal protection at anytime. This canister has an instantaneous key release button, so it can be in your hand and used against an attacker at a moment's notice. It has a comfortably molded plastic body, so it is also easy to grip and hold firmly.

Each canister comes with enough pepper spray to shoot 5 blasts of scalding hot mist. That's most likely more than you'll ever even need, but just in case we offer a free replacement cartridge. If you run out, simply send us your original invoice, a copy of the police report that was filed after you used the spray and $4.95 for shipping. We'll rush you another canister so you can protect yourself at all times.

State laws prohibit the shipping of this product to NY, MA or MI.

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