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Kitchen Foods Diversion Safes

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  • Perfect hiding spot for valuables
  • Looks exactly like the real thing
  • Protects your most treasured items
  • Has the weight and feel of the genuine article
  • Choose from an assortment of replica safes


Every kitchen has a large variety of food products stored in the cupboards or even right on the counter tops. That's why a food diversion safe is an ideal place to hide your most expensive possessions like watches, jewelry or even cash!

You can get a decoy safe that looks like a can of fruit cocktail, Pringles chips, salad dressing, peanut butter or dried soup. Not only do they look like the real thing, these diversion safes are also designed to feel and weigh exactly as much as the actual product would. That makes them ideal for hiding your most cherished and valuable items and keeping them secure even if a thief breaks into your home. Every food item safe has a hollowed out section where you can stash anything you want, making them one of the most affordable and effective home security devices available today!

When a criminal enters your home they have a very short window of opportunity. Burglars know that the more time they spend in a house, the greater the chances will be that someone will call the police, so they are highly motivated to get out quickly. That means the law breaker will only have time to check a few main areas, such as the master bedroom, bathroom counter and dresser drawers. Even if they are familiar with replica safes they won't have time to look through every food product in your kitchen.

Don't let the things you care about the most be taken away by a sleazy criminal. Keep them safe and secure right under any burglar's nose inside a kitchen food diversion safe!

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