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Lipstick Pepper Spray

Lipstick Pepper Spray

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  • Includes 16-20 half second shots of spray
  • 10 foot firing range
  • Contains 10% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum)
  • 5 colors available: pink, silver, blue, red and black
  • 1/2 ounce of blindingly hot spray


Full Product Description:


Statistics show than many predators consider women to be easier targets and less likely to attempt to defend themselves from an aggressor. If you're ever faced with someone who makes that mistaken assumption about you, we have the perfect way to prove them wrong.


This defense spray is a perfect personal protection device because it is powerful enough to take down any aggressor, and it isn't even recognizable as a weapon. He won't ever suspect that the tube of lipstick you're carrying actually contains some of the hottest pepper spray available. Take it out when you feel threatened, and use it as needed. As the spray hits your assailant, they will be temporarily blinded and have great difficulty even breathing. This spray will completely disable anyone for a short time, and give you the opportunity you need to get away safely.


Not only will this hidden weapon put an end to any attack, it will also help identify the person who assaulted you. The spray contains a UV dye, so police officers can easily tell that the criminal has been recently sprayed.


Every lipstick tube comes with 20 shots, and we also offer a replacement cartridge at no charge. That way you can keep your personal weapon charged and ready to go for a long to come. If you ever run out, mail us your original invoice, the police report that was filed following any crime related incident and $4.95 for shipping costs. We'll rush you more of this life saving defense spray immediately!


You can choose from 5 stylish colors - pink, silver, blue red or black.

State laws prohibit the shipping of this product to NY, MA or MI.

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