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Mace Pepper Spray for Runners & Joggers

Mace Pepper Spray for Runners & Joggers

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Mace Brand Pepper Spray Keeps Joggers and Runners Safe


The Mace brand pepper spray for runners and joggers is not legal in Wisconsin, New York, and Massachusetts. In all other states, it offers a host of benefits to consumers:


  • Filled with pepper spray that is known to stop assailants, even if their body chemistry is altered due to drug or alcohol intoxication, the Mace brand pepper spray for runners and joggers fires 10 one-second bursts. Remember, it only takes one burst to stop an attacker in the middle of an assault.
  • Since the canister only weighs 3/4 ounce and is very compact, it can be attached to an arm or wrist with the included Velcro strap and not hamper movement.
  • Even during strenuous workouts in the middle of the day, the canister will keep the pepper spray safe from overheating. The spray continues to be effective at a range of six to eight feet.


The Mace brand pepper spray for runners and joggers is considered the ultimate medium in protection for those with an active lifestyle that frequently requires movement, and may also include higher temperatures in the mix. Runners are notorious for becoming so engaged in their activity that they oftentimes fail to pay as much attention to their surroundings as they should, and statistics show that joggers and runners, especially women, are routinely preyed on by attackers.

Since the canister of pepper spray is so lightweight that it is easily incorporated into the overall exercise attire, it is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. Moreover, since it comes standard with a Velcro strap, it can be attached right to the arm or wrist, ensuring that it is literally at someone's fingertips. Best of all, since in the past the use of mace was shown to have less severe effects on criminals that were termed "drug crazed", the advent of pepper spray, and Mace brand pepper spray for runners and joggers in particular, has been shown to work on anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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