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Mace Triple Action Tear Gas Defense Spray

Mace Triple Action Tear Gas Defense Spray

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Packing the Punch of Pocket Pepper Defense Spray by Mace


Although not for sale in New York, Wisconsin, Michigan and Massachusetts, the pocket pepper defense spray by Mace is the quintessential self protection tool.


  • The containers have been compacted to make them easier to carry in smaller pockets or purses. It sprays five one-second bursts of pepper spray.
  • A flip top safety cap prevents an accidental triggering of the device.
  • Although small in size, the pepper spray is effective at a distance of six to 12 feet against an oncoming attacker or vicious animal.
  • It comes standard with a keychain.


Mace pocket pepper spray is perfect for carrying in a small purse, fanny pack, or simply in a shirt pocket. It is so small that it fits well into the hand of even a petite woman, and it nonetheless offers significant man stopping power. Due to its small size, it is very easy to aim at anyone and simply flip the safety release, and press the trigger.


Within split seconds a would-be assailant is found helpless on the ground, suffering from severe burning and stinging to the skin, eyes, nose, and mucous membranes. The Mace pocket pepper spray enables anyone to have a highly effective personal protection device on their person; significantly decreasing the risk of anyone becoming another crime statistic.

The pepper spray is non lethal, but usually incapacitates an attacker for about 20 minutes to an hour, giving anyone more than enough time to get away. Since each container of Mace pocket pepper spray is loaded with five one-second bursts, there is even the option of covering multiple assailants.

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