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Pepper Spray Gun Refills: 10% OC and Water

Pepper Spray Gun Refills: 10% OC and Water

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Pepper Spray Gun Cartridges:

  • Refills for Mace Pepper Gun
  • Each canister holds 28 oz. of pepper spray or inactive water
  • Canisters spray up to 7 bursts of continuous aerosol spray that can travel up to 25 feet
  • Buy a dual pack of pepper spray canisters, water canisters, or a set containing one of each

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun Product Details:

Stock# : 80422, 80421, 80420

Replacement cartridges for the Mace Pepper Gun are sold in dual packs, so you can choose to buy either two pepper spray refill cartridges, a dual H2O pack with two water test cartridges, or a combination pack that contains one pepper spray refill cartridge and one water test cartridge.  The Mace Pepper Gun initially comes equipped with one 28 oz. canister of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) pepper spray that contains approximately 7 bursts or sprays.  When the trigger on the weapon is pulled, the gun is designed with an advanced delivery system that will shoot a continuous aerosol stream of pepper spray up to 25 feet away, and it works when fired at any angle.  The gun is reusable, and once the pepper spray cartridge has been emptied, replacement cartridges can then be purchased to refill the Mace Pepper Gun.  Replacements are easily installed in the Mace Pepper Gun, so it is ready to use again.

One of the safest, most effective, legal ways to gain self defense protection is by purchasing a Mace Pepper Gun to defend yourself against any unwanted advances from human or animal aggressors.  The Mace Pepper Gun is designed to be a non-lethal way for you to increase your personal protection.   A shot of pepper spray from the Mace Pepper Gun will temporarily disable any attacker or aggressor, and will allow you the precious time that you need in order to escape a dangerous or threatening situation.  Pepper spray products and weapons, such as mace pepper spray guns, are legal forms of self defense and personal protection in most states; however, state laws do prohibit sales and use in NY, MA and MI.

Being able to avoid dangerous situations is always the best option for personal protection; however, many people unfortunately will occasionally find themselves in potentially threatening situations.  Having a legal and non-lethal method of self defense at your fingertips can offer you a much higher level of safety and peace of mind.  The Mace Pepper Gun and Refills are perfect for anyone that works late, walks around a campus at night or must be alone in dangerous or deserted areas for any reason.

Pepper Spray Store Free Replacement Program
This pepper spray can be used many times before needing our free replacement. (Upon sending us a copy of your original invoice and a copy the police report in which you reportedly used, or lost, your defense spray we will provide a free replacement. Also a nominal check or CC payment for S & H of $4.95 will also need to accompany your return as well.) This unit can be purchased with or without belt clip holster and is great for personal use, law enforcement, or any security needs.

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