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Pepper Spray Key Chain with OC Defense Formula

Pepper Spray Key Chain with OC Defense Formula

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MACE pepper spray keychain features:
Having your pepper spray in easy reach is easy to do with the ½ ounce pepper spray on a leather key chain.

  • Canister is filled with ½ ounce of a 10% oleoresin capsicum concentrate.
  • Each canister contains five one-second bursts of spray.
  • The spray can travel between 8 feet in distance, making it highly effective even when not at close range.
  • The leather case comes in five stylish colors -- blue, red, black, green, and purple.
  • It is attached to a key chain and carries effortlessly in a purse, pocket, set of keys or handbag.
  • Made by trusted MACE brand.
  • Locking safety cap glows in the dark.
  • All units are "test" sprayed before leaving the manufacturer.
  • Cannot be shipper to MA, WI, NY or MI due to state restrictions.

MACE pepper spray keychain description:
The ½ ounce pepper spray on a leather key chain is a perfect means of staying protected against attacks. Moreover, having such a powerful means of self defense on a keychain ensures that there is little chance anyone will forget it at home. Best of all, the pepper spray contained in the package measures at 10% concentration that are sure to inflict a non lethal yet quite irritating stinging and burning sensation to anyone who comes in contact with it.

Since the spray shoots as far as 8 feet, it offers an amazing flexibility that works to the advantage of anyone who carries the spray containers on their person. It only takes one of the five possible spray bursts to stop an attacker or a vicious animal in its tracks and temporarily blind them, interfere with their breathing, and make them unable to continue the assault.

As the assailant is on the ground, writing in pain and trying to clean out their eyes and nose, the consumer who wisely invested in the ½ ounce pepper spray on a leather key chain is getting away and alerting the authorities.

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