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Dog Pepper Spray Training Pack

Dog Pepper Spray Training Pack

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This Pepper Spray Training Pack Includes:

  1. 1 1/2 oz muzzle pepper spray
  2. 1 2 oz. Inert self defense training Spray
  3. Tactical Use of Pepper Spray Booklet

The pepper spray included in this kit is LEGAL to ship to NY and MA.

2 oz. 10% OC Keychain Pepper Spray Key Chain Product Description:

This pepper defense spray is formulated to repel an attacking dog. The active ingredient though, OC (Oleoresin Capsicum), is the exact same active ingredient designed for use against humans. It has a 5% concentration which is plenty potent enough to stop the attacker dead in their tracks, while causing no permanent injury.

1/2 oz. Inert Training Key Chain Defense Spray:

Don't wait to learn how to use your pepper spray until you need it!

The time to learn and become confident in using pepper spray is in a calm safe setting where you can used to how the canister works and what it feels like to discharge it.

Practicing with the training inert spray will help make sure should you ever need to use your pepper spray you'll be ready.

Tactical Use of Pepper Spray Booklet Description:

This booklet could be a literal life saver. Packed full of useful tips and information, you will gain immediate knowledge as to how to use your pepper spray most effectively as well as drasitcally increase your odds of getting out of potentially life endangering situations.

(80146, INERT, TAC-1)

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