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2oz. Police Pepper Spray

2oz. Police Pepper Spray

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Model Trusted by Cops and Law Enforcement Officers!

10% Strength Two Ounce Police Home Pepper Spray For Civilians

Civilians know that not only law enforcement personnel need to stay safe on America's streets. With the advent of 10% strength Pepper Shot two ounce police home pepper spray everyone is now able to have the peace of mind knowing that they are truly able to have a fair chance at self defense in an emergency.

This spray container is so small and lightweight that it is easily concealed or carried on a belt with the optional clip. At the same time, it contains 10-12 one-second bursts of pepper spray that are sure to stop any assailant in their tracks. The immediate impact of the 10% strength Pepper Shot two ounce police home pepper spray is burning, stinging, tearing eyes, choking, coughing, and bodily pain.

The effects are only temporary and non lethal, but they are strong enough to stop an attack and give potential victims a chance to get away.

  • The container is filled with two ounces 10% pepper spray concentrate. This permits for 10-12 one-second shots of the spray.
  • It is highly effective at 10-12 feet distance.
  • The canister is small, easy to carry concealed in a bag, purse, or pocket, and it has a finger grip to ensure a secure trigger movement.
  • It is rated for police but also civilian use, and the cap setup prevents unintended firings.
We're sorry but residents of Wisconsin, Michigan, Massachusetts, and New York are not eligible to purchase this powerful self defense item.


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