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4 oz Police Pepper Spray

4 oz Police Pepper Spray

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Four Ounce Home or Office Police Grade Pepper Spray

The four ounce home or office police grade pepper spray cannot be sold in Wisconsin, Michigan, Massachusetts, and New York.

  • This spray is rated at 2 million raw heat units on the Scoville scale.
  • The four ounce container allows for 21 one-second shots of pepper spray.
  • The device has been tested and found accurate at 15-18 feet distance.
  • It may be carried with a holster clip – an optional accessory – or it may be placed into a purse or bag. Since the self protection tool has been designed with a safety top that prevents accidental discharge, it is easy carried in a variety of locations.

This four ounce home or office police grade pepper spray is useful to fend off attacks from human and animal attackers alike, and the even though it is measured at 2 million scorching Scoville heat units, it does not have any lasting after effects.

The four ounce home or office police grade pepper spray is also perfect for the avid hiker, camper or fisherman. The pain that these sprays can deliver is only temporary, but while the effects of the stinging last, the assailant is incapable of continuing the attack. This gives the owner of the pepper spray the time needed to get away and run to safety.

Only one or two sprays take care of any attacker, and seeing that this unit provides for 21 one-second sprays, it is a cost effective way of remaining safe, no matter what the situation may call for. You cannot afford to be without the four ounce home or office police grade pepper spray!



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