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16 oz. Wildfire Pepper Spray

16 oz. Wildfire Pepper Spray

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WARNING: This is seriously potent pepper spray.

Features at a glance:

  • Effective at a range of up to 15-18 feet
  • Approx. 21 one second shots in a canister
  • Will take down animals and humans
  • More powerful than what most police departments carry
  • Presently legal for civilian use

Full description:

This can be used against attackers of all kinds, including humans. The stream will be highly effective at 15-18 feet and will take down even the most determined of agressors. You will get about 21 one second shots out of 1 cansister. Please be advised that this spray is more often than not going be FAR MORE than is necessary to stop someone. This container is set up so that it will prevent unintended use.

It can be concealed in a purse, although wearing it out can be a deterrent to someone seeing that you are prepared to stop them. This is more potent than what many police officers carry, but is presently legal for civillian use.

Please be aware that this is ILLEGAL in New York, Wisconsin, Michigan and Massachusetts.



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