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9oz. Wildfire Pepper Spray

9oz. Wildfire Pepper Spray

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Heavy Duty Personal Protection with Large Nine Ounce Pepper Spray


The 9 ounce Wildfire pepper spray cannot be sold in Wisconsin, Michigan, Massachusetts and New York.


  • Inside the container are nine ounces of scorching hot pepper spray.
  • Perfect for keeping it in a truck, van or car, having it in the office of shop, or carrying it in a bag or purse. It is perfect for hikers who can use it when trekking through bear country.
  • The containers offer 38 one-second bursts of pepper spray.


Wildfire is considered the most scorching brand currently sold on the open market.


Imagine using this showstopper on a would-be attacker aiming at taking your wallet or stealing your valuables! This pepper spray is sure to supply such a non lethal punch that the attacker is going to be temporarily incapacitated for a while, as you remove yourself from the scene and alert law enforcement personnel.

Due to the size, this nine ounce Big Shot pepper spray is perfect for keeping it in a truck or car, or taking it on a vacation in a recreational vehicle. Just remember that Federal and State Parks may not allow you entry if it becomes known that you are packing this kind of heat.

Stock # WF-18-9FM

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