Wireless, Outdoor Driveway Motion Detector Security Device

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Driveway Alarm Features:

  • Wireless Operation
  • Can be used for security at home, for small businesses, pool monitoring.
  • Includes one base unit and one motion sensor.
  • For each protected zone, record your own alert message you will hear.


This driveway motion sensor unit uses a motion detector to sense movement in a designated area. The base unit can handle up to 6 different zones to monitor. With each zone you can create your own voice alert. For example "someone's in the driveway", "someone is approaching the side entrance", "Susie's entered the pool area." Each zone will need to be monitored by a separate motion sensor. This security package includes one base unit and one wireless motion sensor. Additional sensors can be ordered separately or in addition to this package.


Stock # VA-6000S